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​ライアン (Ryan)​

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Hello. My name is Ryan and I am an English teacher from the UK. I have a master’s degree in Arts Journalism and previously worked as an editor for a magazine in the UK. I have been teaching English for over a year and in 2019 I completed my TEFL qualification and moved to Japan to teach in Chiba-ken. I taught at elementary and junior high school and also tutored adults privately. While in Japan I loved exploring the country and driving to new places such as Lake Kawaguchi and Osaka. I also adored trying all the delicious food from local Tonkotsu ramen shops to Hamazushi! When I’m not teaching English, I’m either running, doing photography, reading or watching movies. My favourite movie is also my favourite book (The Lord of the Rings) and I have read and watched them multiple times. I have a neutral English accent and during the summer break I helped many of my students with pronunciation, earning them top positions in their speech contests. I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge and I look forward to working toget



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I am from the smallest province in Canada, which is PEI.  I went to university in Canada and the USA.  Once I graduated, I decided to go to Korea and teach Business ESL.  By moving to Asia, I would be able to see Japan and the rest of Asia and hopefully, many other countries as well.  After all, my favorite hobby is traveling, reading and sports.  This would allow me to do all these things. 

Each year in South Korea, I had to renew my visa and that would end up in a trip to Japan.  I have travelled there 15 times and have seen every major city and many of the smaller ones.  I climbed Fuji! During my first visit to Kyoto, I went into the University of Kyoto and applied for a job.  But as I am not fluent in Japanese, I was rejected.  Maybe my favorite trip was to Sapporo and the small coastal city of Otaru during the King Crab Festival.  It was best seafood – ever!

I got involved with tutoring because I enjoy helping people reach their goals.  It is also nice to see the students increase their ability to communicate in a new language as that allows them to reach out to so many new people around the world.  Finally, I learn a great deal from my students such as the culture and history of Japan.

In class, I try to get the student to speak as much as possible.  I correct each and every aspect of the speech.  Further, in some cases, they need to understand the cultures of other countries so that when they travel, they have insight.  For example, Americans speak very directly, which is in stark contrast to Asians.  And thus, we ensure a solid understanding of other cultures.




Hello , I am Joan. Having been an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) here in Japan, an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teacher in the Philippines , I would like to instill a passion for learning and make my students acquire and proficiently use the English language. Working with different nationalities, age, gender and status in life also allowed me to be more open-minded.  It also helped me to love and respect the diversity of every student and people I meet. My goal is for you to have fun learning English and to enjoy communicating using the language.

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Mayuko in English
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Hello everyone! My name is Mayuko, and welcome to Aplus English. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in foreign studies and communication. I had moved to Dubai in 2008 and worked for airlines for 10 years as a cabin supervisor. Besides, I also had been chosen as a member of the business promotion team and represent the airlines at sponsored events and speaking to various media. I love talking to people and enjoy coaching, that's why I become a tutor. There was a time I struggle to communicate in English, however, I constantly set my goal to enjoy the process. The best way to improve your English is to have fun without fear. I had been in your shoes, so don’t worry to make a mistake, and let's have fun! Besides, I am currently raising my 2 years old kid so I have a lot of patience to do so!

Speaking English gave me a chance to discover the world, learn diversity, and expand my values. I can promise you that there is so much fun waiting by speaking English and I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. I am looking forward to talking with you. See you in the class!

Mayuko 日本語
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皆さん こんにちは。まゆこと申します。大学時代に9ヶ月のアメリカ留学を経てアラブ首長国連邦にて国際線の客室乗務員として10年間勤務をしておりました。好きなことは旅行、絵を描くこと、乗馬、キャンプ。旅行のお勧めや美味しい食べ物の情報はお任せください。ネイティブスピーカーではないので英語習得の大変さはとてもよく分かります。失敗は成長のもと、なのでまずは気楽に楽しく私とレッスンをしてみませんか。 レッスンでお会い出来るのを楽しみにしています!



Emi in English
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Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Emi. As much as I enjoy trying new things and undertaking challenges, I am even more passionate about helping others learn and grow! Born and raised in Hawaii, USA, I have graduated with a BA in International Studies in Japan. One of my dreams is to travel the world and learn more about other people and cultures. My hobbies include playing the piano, dancing, and doing judo. Here at A plus English, you’ll have the exciting opportunity of meeting many new people from different backgrounds while honing your English skills. I look forward to working with you!

Emi 日本語
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Wouldn’t you feel comfortable with a teacher who grew up speaking Japanese, English, and Chinese? The teacher can understand all three cultures, translate more naturally and explain/define things more clearly. 


Hi, I’m Taka. I’ve lived and studied abroad in Taiwan, Australia, and America. 


In Japan, it is commonly known and true that the English taught is not natural. It is also known that the Japanese English teachers are not actually fluent in the language. I want to provide authentic English that is accurate and of excellent quality. I will do this by teaching English that is naturally spoken in America. When teaching English, I focus on creating a friendly and interactive environment. I teach my lessons through discussions, activities, music, and all types of interactive means. This makes the classes I teach student-centered rather than teacher-centered. I encourage asking questions and trying new things, even if that means getting something wrong. You will come to learn that getting something wrong isn’t something to be disappointed or shy about. I hope to establish bonds through respect, admiration, and friendship. Let’s have fun learning English together through fun activities and experiences! I hope to see you soon!

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